WFFSF 2016



Best Classic Icon World John Savage for God Father
Best Feature south Asian Paranoma Hello Namastae
Best Film Bay Area independent Film Dheeyan Marjania
Best Documentary Short Film Beautiful face
Best Debut short Film Aloo Tikki
Best Director International Hidden Way
Best Feature Screen Play Mob Chick
Best Music Video Select and Start
Best Background Music Why
Best Producer Roll Sound Camera Action
Best Actress World Karnsy Movie
Best Documentary Feature Film Join In the Dance
Best Actor World Pechroni
Best Entertainment Bollywood Movie Bhawani Mandi
Best Debut Bollywood Movie Darpok
Best Actor International Sayyed Abolfazl Khandandel Sabbagh for Vertical Love
Best Cinematography Bhawani Mandi
Best Short Documentary
(Bay Area Independent Film)
Eye of the Storm
Best Short Film International Vertical Love
Best Women Empowerment Film Sulige Sikkidaaga
Best Debut Director world Nicompoops