Judging Panel


Azar Faramarzi has graguated in film makering and acting from ( honar university and iranian youth cinema associated ) in iran and symbiosis in india .She has played the lead role in some tv series and acted in 9 feature films ,in both main and supporting roles .She also has worked as assistant director on some feature films and tv projects .She has made 5 short films ( loneliness – orange dress man – unknown _destiny-gift )and 2 documentary films ( snowy way – holly )which they are screened and awarded in many international & national festivals .She has been jury in Asian international film festival (third eye) twice .(2010 & 2014 ) and she is jury in Dhaka international film festival (2016).she has written 5 short film screepts , 2 feature film screepts & 2 documentary film screepts