Buyer Questions

What is Buyer Accreditation?

Buyer Accreditation is the process of determining whether or not a company is a Buyer according to the WFF Film Market’s definition. WFF Film Market defines a Buyer as one of the following:

A company which has contracted with one or more members of the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) to distribute in at least one audio-visual medium, at least three motion pictures or television programs during the last three years.

A company which has contracted with one or more members of IFTA for such company to sub-distribute (i.e. re-license) in at least one audio-visual medium at least three motion pictures or television programs during the last three years.

Who may register as a Buyer?

Only pre-accredited Buyers may register for a Buyer Badge

Is Buyer Accreditation the same as registering for the WFF Film Market?
No. Buyer Accreditation is a process that must take place before registering as a Buyer for the WFF Film Market.
What do Buyer Badges give access to?
Buyer Badges permit access to Buyer Breakfasts, the Buyers Lounge, Exhibitor floors, most screenings and WFF Film Market transportation.
If I am accredited, do I need to apply next year?
No. As long as the company is an active Buyer, accreditation is maintained and it applies all current employees of the company.
How much is a Buyer Badge?
Visit the Buyer page for complete pricing information. Discounted rates available through early October.
When is the deadline for Buyer Accreditation?
All accreditation requests must be submitted by September 7, 2017. No accreditations will be done during the WFF Film Market.

Attendee Questions

What do Attendee Badges give access to?
Industry Badges permit access to Exhibitor floors, the Filmmakers Lounge, most screenings and WFF Film Market transportation.
What are the different types of Attendee Badges and what to they cost?
See Badges & Prices. ( Badges & Prices has to be clickable to go to check the page ) will send info in the next email
Should I attend for seven days (Executive Badge) or four days (Industry Badge)?
More days equals more opportunities and more connections. If you are pitching a project or script, Monday through Sunday are the most effective days for exploratory conversations with distributors and sales companies (Exhibitors.). More recommendations can be found in How to Work the WFF Film Market. ( The Link is clickable to go to that particular Page or Para)
Can I choose the days I want to attend with an Industry Badge or Industry Badge-Plus?
No. For a complete list of badge options and dates see Badges & Prices. ( Badges & Prices link is clickable to go to the Page )
Can I access the Buyers Lounge?
No. The Buyers lounge is only for accredited Buyers. Attendees have access to the Filmmakers Lounge located at the Santana Row.
How do I pitch my project or film at the WFF Film Market?
The WFF Film Market is a great place to pitch your project or film – if you have a plan. Read How to Work the WFF Film Market and use these steps to increase your chances of success.

General Questions

Is the WFF Film Market a film festival?
The WFF Film Market is a marketplace where producers and distributors license films. The WFF Film Market is not a festival – there are no competitions or prizes. See www.WFFEST.com to learn more about submit the Films in the World Film Festival 2017 for the competitions or prizes.
Can anyone attend the WFF Film Market?
Yes. Please see How to Register under Attendee and Buyer resources for more information.
Where is the WFF Film Market held?
Santana Row, California. The Santana Row – Valencia Hotel is the WFF Film Market headquarters. Screenings take place at theater in Santana Row .See the WFF Film Market Campus Map.
When can I register?
Attendees may register in advance or on-site. It is suggested that you pre-register for discounts and convenience.

What about hotel accommodations?
The WFF Film Market offers discounted rates at official WFF Film Market Hotels for Registered Attendees. Reservations must be made through the WFF Film Market. Hotel reservations are only accepted with a corresponding badge order. Please see Travel & Resources for more details.
Where can I find the Attendee List / Exhibitor List / Buyer List?
The WFF Film Market Attendee list is available on MyWFF Film Market.
The Exhibitor List is available at Exhibitor List.
The WFF Film Market Buyers List is an exclusive benefit for WFF Film Market Exhibitors.
Who can use the WFF Film Market Shuttle Service and is there a charge?
The WFF Film Market Shuttle Service is free and available to all.
Where do I park?
Click here for information about Parking and the AFM Shuttle Service.
When is the WFF Film Market?
November 6th – November 11, 2017
When are future WFF Film Market’s?
Coming soon…

Exhibitor Questions

Who may exhibit?
Any production or distribution company may exhibit at the WFF Film Market.
How do I reserve Exhibition space?
See How To Exhibit for more information.
What is the deadline?
An Exhibitor may sign up any time until space is sold out. However, to participate in the first round of assignments, the Exhibition Agreement and deposit must have been received by Friday, July 21st.
How much is it to exhibit?
Costs to exhibit start at $4,100. Exhibition Options
What does exhibition space look like?
The WFF Film Market is held in a hotel and the rooms are set-up as offices also there will be a option of having a booth in a open place in the small city Santana Row. The offices are to be used for exhibiting only – there is no sleeping in the offices.
Are there opportunities for companies that are not in the business of production or distribution?
Exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities are available for companies that provide services or products to the entertainment industry. See Sponsor information.
Are there advertising opportunities available to exhibitors?
Yes, registered Exhibitors can view Marketing Opportunities, or contact Sunny at WFFsf786@gmail.com for more information.

Screening Questions

Where is the screening schedule posted?
Once it is available, the World Film Festival 2017 screening schedule can be viewed at www.wffest.com.
Who can attend Screenings?
Most screenings are open to anyone with an AFM badge.(Press is excluded).
How can I screen my film at the WFF Film Market?
The WFF Film Market is not a festival so we accept film submissions at World Film Festival 2017, www.wffest.com. Exhibiting companies may purchase screening times at World Film Festival 2017 screening venues.
How can I have my film screened at the WFF Film Market if I’m not an Exhibitor?
You may contact one of the exhibiting sales companies for representation. The WFF Film Market will not recommend any specific exhibitor nor is it involved in these arrangements. To view a list of sales companies that are IFTA members, see IFTA Member Directory.

Online Registration

I’m an accredited Buyer, why can’t I see the buyer rates?
Sometime the registration system encounters a problem with verifying that a company is an approved Buyer.
If this occurs, contact our registration department by emailing and stating subject as a registration issue at wffsf786@gmail.com or 1- 408-883-2740.
If I am not registering online, how do I submit an order form?
Industry Attendee Forms can be submitted by fax or mail. Email forms are not accepted to protect credit card privacy.
FAX: 1-408-883-2740
MAIL: WFF Film Market, 1919 Fruitdale Ave, Suite # J612 , San Jose, CA 95128
How do I register if I can’t access online registration?
To register by mail or fax, Attendees can print the Industry Attendee Forms