Ms. Bani Mukherjee

Ms. BANI MUKHERJEE  Social Marketing & WFF Festival Manager 

I am a Project Manager by profession. I am also the Ambassador for “University Tutor” for Orange County, CA. I enjoy public speaking, connecting and communicating with the community. I have been Managing, collaborating, leading various large-scale community and corporate events successfully. I am a social media-marketing expert and was a Yelp Elite. Some of the events that I have successfully managed are the Diwali Fair in Artesia with crowds of Thousands of people and various street fairs in Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA.I have successfully managed/Lead and anchored the “Independence day of India” event for last 4 years. Contributing towards the community is my passion. I have also anchored, hosted and managed corporate events. I am a member of Women in Technology and STEM. I was a Yahoo Contributor. I enjoy public speaking, writing, dancing, and painting. I have a degree in Engineering, Dancing and Painting and I love contributing towards our community.