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Abhishek PatelAbhishek PatelAbhishek PatelFree Ka Refill Hello friends, there is a new arrival from India. It has been a while I wrote. It is just so exciting to watch movies from the entire World. Spectacular in each sense. So many stories, concepts, culture, making-style, I can just go on and on. Yes it is just astounding to see the kind of Talent is out there. Reassuring to a great extent that there are multitudes of talented Filmmakers who have the sensibility to tell a story which is captivating & intriguing. These filmmakers are following their heart to make films and many making them at shoe-string budgets. As shared by me in the earlier blog, such talented filmmakers must get their due. As they hold the key to reform Cinema. Not always the big budgeted films can do that. The best part of these low budget projects is the team. Be it Brilliant Actors, or the technical crew. Each department is up there when looked at with professional eyes at the Global platform. One such project really caught my eye. It is a Short film from India, called, “Free Ka Refill”, and Directed by Harsshil Patel. The director has a 15 year background in Animation and special effects in the advertising industry and is an expert in it. He has done many television commercials. He is gearing towards making feature films as few of his scripts are ready. Before jumping onto the bigger canvas he decided to test the water by telling a story through a short film. And let me tell you he has done a good job. Doesn’t come across as a first timer at all. I really liked the way his short opens. Get to know about his expertise right away  Story is about how a guy finds a mobile phone and becomes its new owner for a day. He then makes free calls while someone else is left to answer. It’s made very intelligently keeping in mind the budget. Looks like it was made on a tight budget, though very well shot and the story is interesting. The lead Actor of the film is Abhishek Patel. I must say initially when I saw him; I thought he is just another good looking face. But as the short film progressed & the story kept unfolding, Abhishek surprised me with his acting prowess. He is a very powerful actor. His sense of understanding the character was just bang on. And he actually did not act, what he did was so natural that it felt you are watching a live character who exists. He was totally involved in his character from start to end, bringing it to a vibrant life.I must say he is a committed & dedicated actor as it shows on screen. Abhishek has been doing Theatre for more than 10 years, be it musical plays, serious plays, comedy… No wonder you can see how comfortable he is in front of the camera, just flows in his performance, due to his vigorous Theatre training… He is also a trained Martial Arts expert. Having professionally learnt & practiced for over 20 years, Goju-ryu Karate, from Okinawa, Japan. Currently he is training in Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defense Martial Art for the past 2 years. And it just doesn’t end there; he is also a professionally trained dancer in Contemporary dance form and Bollywood form and has done Jazz and Salsa. He was trained by the famous Indian choreographer Terence Lewis. Abhishek has been a famous model in India having endorsed many well-known brands like Mountain Dew, Honda city car, Honda bike, Lifestyle clothing & the list goes on. He has been a successful runway model having walked the ramp for well-known Indian designers. Abhishek is looking forward to establish himself as a Global Artist who wants to entertain audiences World over through his gift of acting. He strongly believes in the dignity and respect of each life. It really gives me so much of confidence when I see young passionate youth who want to create a niche for them and really want to give back to the World. To make it a better place to live by imbibing the qualities of peace, love & respect. Kudos to such Filmmakers & Artists… Really one can make a huge difference through their body of work. I shall leave you on this note. Keep reading and I will soon share about other interesting projects. . Ciao…. ]]>

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