“prince Yubraj” Chair Coordinator Marketing / Hospitality

“Prince Yubraj” Chair Coordinator Marketing / Hospitality

Mr. Prince Yubraj is the name of a successful business entrepreneur in the field of hospitality and culinary sector. Having reserved the qualities of being optimistic, passionate, persistent and placid; he is the man of success with his tireless pioneering efforts. Owing to his amicability and affability, he has been able to place himself in the heart of thousands of people. He moved to Singapore in 2004 in order to pursue higher education and better career. At the time he was much more interested in hospitality and public relation which led him to be graduated in Hospitality Management from Singapore in 2007. Following the graduation, he started working for Little Bali also known as Villa Bali as an Event Manager. Human mind is always progressive and result oriented; it never stops in particular satisfaction. Novelty, research and exploration are its basic qualities. Likewise, he migrated to United States in 2010 where he enjoyed his career in Restaurants, Hotels, and Law office before ending his career up as a restaurant owner. As a popular event organizer/planner during his service oriented job for Little Bali in Singapore; he directly associated in planning events for the team of the movie called “DE DANA DAN” while it was being shot in Singapore. He performed the wonderful rapport among the team where he proved that his genius and interest in entertainment industry were still vibrant. He organized many movies and culture related events in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Thailand and the USA in the past. He is well known as a social activist, movie and cultural promoter in bay area. He is known to be very agile and exuberant among Nepali communities and utmost popular in Nepali diaspora living in bay area. Over the past 13 years, he has traveled to almost two dozens of countries where he has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in both private and public sectors from the past to date. Recently, he founded a restaurant named as “Kafal Himalayan Fusion” in Santa Rosa which is very popular as a celebrity restaurant within a short time frame. He has been influenced by commercial nepali cinema as a child got influenced by beautiful dolls & lollypops. He cites Hollywood & Bollywood actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Nepali Superstar Rajesh Hamal as his inspirations. He has already met many Hollywood, Bollywood and Kollywood celebrities personally such as Bruce Willis, Jessica Gomes, Emma Heming, Chris tucker, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Shetty, Govinda, Gulshan Grover, Rajesh Hamal and many more at a different cultural and movie promo occasions. He loves promoting any kinds of movies and culture by any means as he believes Movies are a source of popular entertainment, mirrors to society, social activators as they allow even unknown people to mingle with each other. He opines movie is a collaborative work as it carries to exhibit many of customs and traditions propagating different parts of the world.


“Mangal Tamang” Coordinator Marketing / Public Relations


“Ram Thapa” Coordinator Nepal for WFF


“Shivraj Karki” Chief Consultant Nepal for WFF


Mr. Shivraj Karki, A well-known Nepali film distributor, film makers, business entrepreneur who has been directly involving in many organizations in Nepal and Overseas. He has recently produced a highly awaited Nepalese movie called “Satyadeep” who is going to release worldwide soon.

“Shivraj Karki” Chief Consultant Nepal for WFF